Proofreading and Editing by a PhD Qualified Professional



We offer an affordable and reliable professional editing and proofreading service to businesses, academics and students. Our editor has an MSc and PhD, a background in research and multiple successfully published articles and journal papers, and is well placed to rigorously review and help improve your content. She has 10 years' proofreading/editing experience and particular experience working with international businesses, academics and students.

By employing a skilled, highly qualified professional to review your work and suggest corrections, you will ensure that you will be able to deliver clearly written content that is free from spelling and grammatical errors.

We currently have clients all around the world – you do not need to be located in the UK to use this service. The entire process will be efficient, confidential and hassle-free, with varying turnaround times available.

The types of documents we can review for you include:​

For businesses and individuals:

  • Reports

  • Website content

  • Blogs, e- communications

  • Job applications, resumes and CVs

  • For academics:

  • Journal manuscripts, papers and articles

  • Research proposals and reports

  • Book chapters

  • For students:

  • Dissertations and theses

  • Essays, reports and papers

Open Book

“Helen is a diligent professional who is dedicated to her work. I had the opportunity to use her proofreading service at different stages; during my PhD thesis as well as later for journal articles. She is very punctual with deadlines and respects the given requirements/regulations. Even at short notice, she is able to communicate well and deliver more than expected. I believe the fact that she is also from a similar background as myself (architecture/planning/heritage/conservation) helped as she had a true understanding of the terminology while she was reading my text. I am happy to recommend Helen for any type of proofreading.”

Dr Aliye Mentes, Assistant Professor, European University of Lefke, Cyprus.